3 Holistic Weight Loss Tips

Holistic Weight Loss
Holistic approaches to weight loss are often simple and very effective. Many people rarely consider holistic and simple methods to weight loss over the siren song of magic pills and overnight potions Keep in mind that holistic health is no more than common sense that have been proven to work for centuries.

As an alternative to weight loss pills, many people are turning to holistic weight loss treatments. Weight loss pills, like any other medication, can cause side-effects that can potentially damage the user's health.

Therefore, holistic treatments have two benefits over weight loss pills. They do not cause side-effects, and they cure underlying psychological issues. Here are some holistic weight loss methods that can help you lose weight.

Holistic Weight Loss Tip#1. Drink Water.

You do drink at least a cup of water during the day, right. 8 ounces sounds like a lot of water, but it's only one measuring cup of water.

Sipping hot water. Sound strange until you realize that tea is flavored hot water, and the benefits are widely known for drinking tea. This is an Ayurvedic technique that cleanses your lymphatic system and hastens fat loss. Also works wonders when your energy seems to start lagging during the day, sip a cup of hot water without tea or anything else added. Sipping hot water also helps you combat cravings and snack attacks.

Holistic Weight Loss Tip#2. Make Your Meals Rich In Colors.

Not crayons, foods. The brighter the better. Green, red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables go a long way in helping your waistline go down. Full of fiber, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables help flush fat and toxins from your system.

Experiment with a variety of foods, instead of having your usual apple and celery combo, reach for a luscious avocado or papaya. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione in which is great for your heart. Papaya are deliciously sweet with a soft, butter like consistency and a rich source of antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and contain papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins.

Holistic Weight Loss Tip#3. Move It

Exercise is the last word anyone expects when it comes to holistic health, but in many parts of the world and in the US for years it was seen as abnormal not to get some kind of exercise during the day.

Exercise doesn't have to be in a gym or any formal ritual to make it effective. A quick walk around the block before breakfast or taking the dog out first thing before your day starts can be excellent for getting your body primed for fat burning. Because you have fasted at least 5 hours during sleep, exercising before you eat works extremely well.

During the day, make it a habit to walk at least a block before lunch. A brisk walk before your meal increases your appetite and you will be more inclined to eat something filling instead of foods that leave you unsatisfied. It's suggested you plan a heavy meal mid-day and eat lunch between 10am and 2pm, because you not only fuel your body for hours, you are less likely to get hunger pangs.

A holistic approach to weight loss is simply a way to make losing those extra pounds work for you, and allows you to feel good feeding your body the nourishment it needs. Instead of feeling stuck in an eating routine that's boring or exercise program that doesn't fit your schedule, take a more holistic approach to keep yourself motivated.